(Daily) Calling the Mountain God

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(Daily) Calling the Mountain God
Type: Errand
Trandalar Grand Magus 
Located at:
Island of Ice 
Required school:
Required race:
Required level:
Required item:
Previous Quest: Eternity: Trandalaran Style 
Next Quest:  

Quest Text[edit]


  • Talk to Grand Magus
  • Harvest 12 units of Essence of the Trandalaran Spirits on the Island of Ice
  • You have harvested sufficient essence for the Grand Magus!
  • Take the Essence to Cross Island and the Remains of the Grand [Trigger at 26586/32067]
  • As you approach the Cross the essence glows and then seems to fade and dissolve and you are left holding nothing.
  • Return to the Grand Magus on the Island of Ice.
  • Magus tells you, Well done, <player>. It is a start, but much much more will be required to wake a god from its slumber. For now, here is a token of my gratitude.

Target Mobs[edit]


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