(Daily) Nature's Bastion: Chough Rank

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(Daily) Nature's Bastion: Chough Rank
Type: Adventure
Llaul Dynray 
Located at:
Tower of Nature 
Required school:
Required race:
Required level:
Required item:
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Help defend the Tower of Nature from the marauding armies of the Withered Aegis. From this you will earn some Nature Lore Tokens.

Quest text[edit]


  • You've been sent out to help protect Nature's Tower and it's inhabitants. But as you are relatively inexperienced, you've been cautioned to stick to the weaker enemies, Ash Blights, Mighty Ghosts, Skeletons, Mummys, and Skeletons ranked as being in the lower 60's.
  • Return to Adn Sereng at the Tower of Nature.

Target mobs[edit]