(Daily) Shady Dealings

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(Daily) Shady Dealings
Type: Adventure
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Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Illicit Goods

Bel’Kath needs assistance retrieving some goods moved discretely from a cave outside of town. You will need to avoid alerting the local militia!

Quest text[edit]

Bel'Kath tells you, A quick word, that's all I ask? Yes?

Bel'Kath tells you, You seem like an individual who gets things done... and one who expects compensation in return. Are you not? I thought as much... We are much alike, we are.

I need to get something done... and I will provide compensation in return. Are you interested?

Bel'Kath tells you, Good. I am a businessman, %n%, but there is a delicate matter involving the local militia and some... goods... that I need to move into town... uh... discreetly. I was hoping you might help me with it.

Bel'Kath tells you, The goods are in a chest in a cave along the coast northwest of town. You'll find it past the west gate of town, beyond the lighthouse, in the cliffside. Retrieve the contents and return them back here to me without involving the local militia. I will compensate you for your trouble.

You've found the cave that Bel'kath described, but he failed to mention that it would be guarded!

You have found the goods! Take them back to town, but avoid the guards and their dogs!

Bel'Kath tells you, You made it! Good job, %n%. Yes, these are the goods. Didn't have much trouble retrieving them, did you? Guarded?

Bel'Kath tells you, Oh! Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you about my guard. I acquired him from a nice fellow in Tazoon last year after a few hands of Kachat. Impressive, isn't it?

Bel'Kath tells you, Well, don't let it be said that Bel'kath reneges on his business deals. I promised you compensation, didn't I? Very well, here, take this ring of keys. Acquired them in trade from a nice fellow in Dalimond by the name of Gangaf only last week. Being an adventurer, you'll likely have more use for them than I.

Bel'Kath tells you, Strange fellow, that Gangaf, mentioned something about tinkering and making the keys. I suppose it takes all types! I just like what you get after you use them, eh? Am I right? No matter, thanks again and may your journey be profitable.

Alternate Fail Text

You've been caught! Bel'Kath won't be happy about this...(Quest Failed: Shady Dealings)


  • Talk to Bel'Kath
  • Locate the cave that Bel'kath spoke of, in the cliffside west of the lighthouse, and retrieve the contents of the chest (19815/24376 (map))
  • Take Illicit Goods
  • Return to town with the Illicit Goods, but don't let the patrolling militia guards and wolves catch you.