(Daily) Trick or Treat!

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(Daily) Trick or Treat!
Type: Adventure
Jacques Allantyrn 
Located at:
New Brommel 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
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Trick-or-treat your way around Istaria. Not all citizens will participate, but it's up to you to find the ones who will. Trade the candy you get to Jacques Allantyrn for a better mask.

Quest text[edit]

Jacques tells you, Many of the citizens of Istaria will give you a treat if you greet them while in costume. Use this bag to collect your treats. Just don't scare anyone too much.

You have received 1 Fall Festival Trick or Treat bag.


  • Collect as much candy as you can in four hours. Citizens all around Istaria will either give you a trick or a treat. You can also hunt the nearby Scary Zombies and Spooky Spiders, if you are strong enough, in order to gather candy and some small experience. You do not need to have the quest active to gather candy from the monsters.


Candy givers overview[edit]

While on this quest, several NPCs throughout the lands give random items when you greet them. They possibly give you a trick (Salt Rock, a dead mouse or a dead spider), or a treat. While the 'tricks' are used in the fall harvest treats formulas, the 'treats' are used as a Currency for buying things off the festival vendors.

New Brommel[edit]

All Fall Festival NPC's (near quest giver: Jacques Allantyrn) will give candy when you greet them.

These NPC's are all at or inside the Tomb located nearby at 48210, 14142 and give candy.





  • Rykhar - chance to drop a dead spider
  • Miemonus - chance to drop a dead spider





New Rachival[edit]

New Trismus[edit]