(Hourly) Clean Up The Wriggling Masses

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(Hourly) Clean Up The Wriggling Masses
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Ruined Homestead 
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Braekhis has asked to lead the team sent to investigate the Ruined Homestead. The problem is that to get out of her camp she has to get past maggots, and the maggots have her frightened. She's tasked you with clearing out 20 of the Wriggling Masses that surround her camp.

(NOTE: This quest is repeatable once every hour for characters between levels 8 and 15.)

Quest text[edit]

Braekhis tells you, I have a pretty simple task for you. My men and I need to be able to get to the Ruined Homestead east of here to investigate. However, there are these Wriggling Masses, huge maggots, which are preventing us from doing so. These grotesque creatures have us surrounded and threated the camp. I need you to help clean them up. Choose a side and head to it, my men and I will take the other side. Kill 20 of the Wriggling Masses and return to me. We'll coordinate efforts from here.

You have killed enough of the Wriggling Masses to make the way clearer for the army to get through. Report back to Braekhis..

Braekhis tells you, Ah, you have done well clearing the maggots. I do not have much I can afford to give you at this time, but take this small reward as thanks for your service.


  • There are wriggling masses all around Braekhis's Camp. These white maggots are causing trouble for the Imperial Army so you've been tasked with clearing them out. Kill 20 of them and return to Braekhis to report of your success.
  • Report to Braekhis at her camp near the Ruined Homestead for your reward.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 500
  • Money: 500c