(Hourly) Fending Off Grulets

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(Hourly) Fending Off Grulets
Type: Adventure
Rancher Elden 
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
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Required skill:
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Rancher Elden has a real problem with the grulets around his farm. He's sent you out to the fields to help thin the herd a bit.

(NOTE: This quest is repeatable once every hour for characters between levels 6 and 15.)

Quest text[edit]

Elden tells you, You can not imagine how annoying these little grulet creatures are, <player>. I am doing my best to try and grow food to supply the guards in New Trismus. Doing my part to help with the raids, of course. But these darn grulets just keep getting into my stores.

Elden tells you, You would be willing to help, you say? That would be most appreciated, not only by me but by those who are helping save New Trismus. Just clear out 10 or so of the young grulets that are getting close to the farm itself. There should be enough grazing for the remainder of them. And I don't want you to make them extinct or anything. Just thin the herd a bit.

Elden tells you, I observed you out there clearing the grulets. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I wish I could do more, but here is what I have saved by way of reward for you. Go now with my thanks.


  • Talk to Rancher Elden.
  • Rancher Elden needs help thinning the grulet herd some. Kill 10 of the grulets closest to his farm and return to him for a reward.
  • Return to Rancher Elden at his ranch on New Trismus island for your reward.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 100
  • Money: 100c