Abigail's Missing Mining Pick

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Abigail's Missing Mining Pick
Type: Adventure
Abigail Vrisk 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Required race:
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Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Next Quest: Abigail's Outstanding Order 

Abigail Vrisk is the Bristugo gemcutter and has been working the rich amethyst vein near the town. But she was recently attacked by a large Amethyst Golem when she tried to mine it and had to flee for her life!

Quest text[edit]

Abigail tells you, Hullo, <player>. What is one so spry as yourself doing this fine day? Would you perhaps be up for a challenge? You see, I'm a gemcutter and I have been working the amethyst vein found not far from Bristugo. Amethyst is quite profitable these days, you know?

Abigail tells you, So there I was, mining and minding my own business when the large outcropping of amethyst I stuck my mining pick into began to stand up! It was a golem, <player>, and a very large one. I'm no coward, but neither am I a great warrior such as yourself. And so I had to run for my life. But in my haste I dropped my mining pick. Perhaps you could locate it for me? Just find the largest golem you can and you'll find my pick.

You have looted 1 Abigail's Mining Pick.

You've recovered Abigail's Mining Pick from the mound of amethyst left behind by the massive golem. It was still stuck into the golem's side! You should return with it to Bristugo..

Abigail tells you, You found it, <player>! *she claps her hands and smiles broadly* I was so afraid I'd never see it again... I know, its just a mining pick to you. But it was given to me by my father the day I became an apprentice jeweler and I've used it ever since! I couldn't bear the thought of having lost it. But you recovered it for me! Thank you so much. Please take this as a gesture of my thanks.

You have received 1 Tool Tech Kit: Gemcutter's Grip.


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