Alis' Squirrel Stew

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Alis' Squirrel Stew
Type: Adventure
Private Alis Talor 
Located at:
King's Cross 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: King's Cross: Keep the Wolves at Bay 
Next Quest:  

Alis has been posted to King's Cross outpost and has grown bored and hungry while waiting for relief. She would like for you to go into the forest and catch some squirrels so she can cook some stew.

Quest text[edit]

Alis tells you, <player>, welcome back to King's Cross. It is so dull and boring out here and I've grown tired of these horrid rations. *she sighs* To think, only a year ago I was sitting on my front porch in Dalimond eating Wolf Nipple Chips and enjoying a mug of ale. But I went and volunteered for the militia and now here I am! The least I could get was a decent meal, don't you agree?

Alis tells you, Oh! I have an idea... Perhaps you would do me a big favor, <player>? There are Weak Arbotus in the nearby forest and you may or may not be aware, but squirrels often hide within the knots and holes of the odd creatures. I could really go for some squirrel about now! Could you go and catch eight of them for me please? With that I can make us both some Squirrel Stew and we can have a nice hot meal instead of these horrible rations *she takes a ration pack and tosses it aside in disgust*

You've caught enough squirrels for Alis to make a large batch of stew! Return with them to King's Cross..

Alis tells you, Ah there you are! I had started to worry that you might have been jumped by the wolves or taken the squirrels and decided to make your own meal out of them! But here you are and they do look good, don't they? Give me a moment to prepare them and cook the stew and we'll have a good meal.

Alis looks up at you from the boiling stew and motions for you to come closer..

Alis tells you, Ah yes there we go... *she smiles and takes a deep breath* Oh yes, smells wonderful doesn't it? Truth be told, after eating rations for two months now I could have probably eaten just about any type of meat in my stew! Well, here you are. Eat up!

You have received 4 Main: Alis' Squirrel Stew.


  • Catch eight (8) Squirrels from the Weak Arbotus near King's Cross for Alis' Stew
  • Return to King's Cross with the squirrels and speak with Private Alis
  • Give Alis a minute to prepare the stew
  • Speak with Private Alis in King's Cross about the Squirrel Stew

Target mobs[edit]