Ancient Clothing

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Ancient Clothing
Type: Crafting
Located at:
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Vrex the Archaeologist has discovered ancient formulae within some ancient ruins. He believes they hold the key to clothing worn by ancient Sslik and will help you translate them if you discover any.

Quest text[edit]

Dimman tells you, Ah, good, you are a curious one. Vrex needs your type if he is to discover more about these ancient formulae. Go, speak with him. He can be found in Sslanis.

Vrex tells you, Ahh! Another tailor in search of the lost forms. Before this one sends <player> out to search for one, this one is in need a favor.

Vrex tells you, All the crouching from digs has made this one's back sore. Please deliver this bag of herbs to Zhessix the Singed so that a balm can be made.

You have received 1 Bag of Herbs.

Zhessix tells you, What?! Can't <player> see this is very delicate work?! Ahh, from Vrex, eh? Well, this will take a bit, especially as some of the work must be done over the fire and these hot pads are about ruined.

Zhessix tells you, *Zhessix hums a moment*... <player>, this one has an idea. Go gather twenty-four Kenaf Spools and sixteen Iron Bars for some new sets of hot pads while this one continues working on Vrex's balm.

Zhessix tells you, Oh! Wonderful! <player> is much appreciated. These will make the replica Dragon Fire potions much easier to experiment with. Here is the balm for Vrex and a few potions for the effort.

You have received 3 Quint's Quickstep II Potion.

You have received 1 Balm for Vrex.

Vrex tells you, Ahh! Much appreciated! This one suggests <player> look at the ruins northwest of Sslanis. If one should find an old copy of the formula, take it to Kesh the Scholar. Kesh is one of the few who can still read the ancient glyphs of the Sslik.

Amidst the ruins you discover an ancient formula....

You have received 1 Ancient Formula.

Kesh tells you, Hello there! Hmm, whats that <player> has? Ahh! This is another one of those ancient tailoring formulae. Yesss, Vrex brought Kesh one just last week that was very similar. This one shall examine it.

Kesh tells you, This should be a fairly quick translation. While this one is working on the translation, could <player> go get some new Giant Chicken Tail Feathers? This one uses the feathers for quills, and the last one was given to Grash the Outfitter. There are quite a few giant chickens outside of Sslanis to the east.

You have collected the tail feathers! Return to Kesh..

Kesh tells you, Welcome back! This one has finished translating the formula, <player>. The ancient formula contains plans for clothing worn by the ancestors of this one's people... Does <player> have tail feathers for Kesh? Just in time!

You have received 1 Formula: Beginner Sslanis Jungle Wear.


  • What you seek is at the stone circle at 19637/22358 (map).

Target mobs[edit]