Anorulath Callanar

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Anorulath Callanar
Location: Eastern Deadlands
Coordinates: 30380 / 25014
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Anorulath Callanar resides near the Wood Cenotaph. He provides the Master Wood Board formula to those with 1200+ Lumbering skill.


Anorulath tells you, It is good to hear a living voice again! Who are you? Ah, then hail and well met, <player>. I am Anorulath Callanar of Feladan. In life, I was the last living master of woodcraft. I was slain by the Withered Aegis and imprisoned here, along with the spirits of my fellow master crafters, to keep our knowledge from the crafters of the Empire.

Anorulath tells you, The Withered Aegis knew that the Living Races would be easier to conquer if they could no longer make the mightiest of items. A Wraith Overlord named Ludd was assigned to track down and kill every living master crafter. He and his minions found them, killed them, and raised them from the dead to serve the Withered Aegis. Finally, only I remained.

Anorulath tells you, The Empire brought the remaining master crafters to Tazoon, to craft the items needed for the Ritual of Life Everlasting. We hoped that it would protect us from death at the hands of the Withered Aegis, but neither I nor any of the other master crafters became Gifted. Shortly thereafter, Ludd was able to find and murder us.

Anorulath tells you, Somehow, our spirits endured beyond death. Ludd imprisoned us within these statues to keep us from ever passing on our knowledge. Rebuilding the statue has given me strength - strength enough to impart my knowledge to all those who are ready to receive it. Accept this knowledge with my gratitude. Now, hurry! Let the skilled crafters of the Empire know of us, so that they may come hear and receive our knowledge. Craft well and true, <player>, and deny the Withered Aegis their victory! Are you ready to receive this?

Quests Available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.