Attunement to Aedan

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Attunement to Aedan
Type: Attunement
BattleMaster Gerix 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Dragon Adventurer 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
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Become attuned to the portal to Aedan

Quest text[edit]

Gerix tells you, You have heard of Aedan have you? A secluded island where we of dragon-kind can build our lairs away from the naka-duskael. I can help you reach Aedan through the use of a magical device I have acquired. It is powered by the primal life energies of wolves. I can loan you a Primal Energy Collector if you would like.

Gerix tells you, Here is a Primal Energy Collector. Just keep it with you while you fight the wolves. But the small weak wolves will not provide enough energy, the wolves on Lesser Aradoth or other islands will not do for our purposes. When you have killed enough, the Collector will be charged with their life energies. Bring the charged collector back to me. You might try looking for wolves across the Sable Straights on the mainland of Aradoth. The Brownbacks that roam the forests of the Dalimond Peninsula would likely work well.

You have received 1 primal energy collector.

The primal collector is now charged..

You spy a strange device sticking out from under a pile of junk. This must be the attunement device..

You have received 1 attunement device.

Gerix tells you, Thank you <player> for returning my Attunement device. Take this coin as payment for your assistance. That should do it. Enjoy your time on Aedan.

Gerix connects the Primal Energy Collector to the Attunement device..

The Attunement device begins to glow softly..

Gerix points the Attunement device in your direction and twists a knob on the device..

You have become attuned to Aedan..


  • Primal Energy Collector
  • Collect Primal Life Energy from the Brownbacks on the Dalimond Peninsula (level 21 or higher).
  • Return with the Charged Primal Energy Collector to Gerix
  • Find the Encampment of the Ogre Thieves! (north of Lower Bridgeview at 20742/22927 (map))
  • Find the Attunement Device which should be somewhere in the camp!
  • Return to Gerix with the Attunement Device

Target mobs[edit]