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Location: Relstaroth's Lair
Rating: 124
School: Crystalshaper
Health: 20
Coordinates: 22581 / 29781
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Balennos tells you, Hail, honored ancient! I am known as Balennos, the Crystalshaper. There is much that has been lost, but Relstaroth and I labored to honor Drulkar and protect the knowledge of lairshaping for centuries until the Gate of Embers was re-opened we could return. To truly excel at crystalshaping, one must learn lairshaping. Train with Restalroth, then see me once you have some experience.

He sells Beginner, Journeyman and Expert Azulyte Crystal Transmutation formulas.

Quests available[edit]

Knowledge of Lairs: Making Lairshaping Pieces1
Crystalshaping Mastery I10
Azulyte Crystal Transmutation20
Crystalshaping Mastery II30
Drulkar's Wrath Part 3: Spiritual Matters100

Balennos sells:

Item Cost
Beginner Azulyte Crystal Transmutation 1Silver 
Expert Azulyte Crystal Transmutation 10Silver 
Journeyman Azulyte Crystal Transmutation 5Silver