Balennos' Recollections

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Balennos' Recollections
Type: Errand
Karane the Historian 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Dragon Adventurer 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: The Archives 
Next Quest: Kallinoth's Journal 

Ristef and the rest of the Elder Council are concerned about the future of Dragonkind. More Elders should have returned through the Gate of Embers when it was opened, but very few have. You uncovered the name of a companion who traveled through the Gate with Balennos and Relstaroth, but did not return. Now, you must speak with the pair of Elders about their recollections.

Quest text[edit]

Karane tells you, '<player>, you have done well. Given the information uncovered about Relstaroth and Balennos I would suggest going straight to those two and speaking with them. One of them must know what happened to their friend, Aratanosh.'

Relstaroth tells you, 'Welcome, friend. What brings you up here to my lair? You seek information about an Elder named Aratanosh? *he closes his eyes for a moment* No, I am afraid I have no recollection of this Dragon, <player>.'

Balennos tells you, 'Good day, <player>, what brings you here? Aratanosh? The records say I passed through the gate with her, do they? *he stares off into the distance* --more--'

Balennos tells you, 'Yes... I do remember her. Let me think, it has been a long time. And the... transition... through the Gate is not easy on the body or spirit. --more--'

Balennos tells you, 'Aratanosh. Yes, that was her name. You see... No... I do not know how to put it into words. The Realms are not like the Prime. The transition back is, well, difficult. And even now my memories of that place have begun to fade. --more--'

Closing his eyes and lowering his head he falls silent. The only sound is that of his breathing and the rumbling of the nearby volcanoes.

Balennos tells you, '*he appears distant and distracted* The Realms you see, they are similar but at the same time different than the Prime. But that is not why you came here to see me, now let me concentrate. --more--'

Suddenly, he raises his head, his eyes glistening with moisture, and with a low, quiet voice he speaks.

Balennos tells you, 'I remember her now. She did travel with us through the Gate so many years ago. But soon thereafter we parted ways. And we did not see her for a long time. --more--'

Balennos tells you, 'It was many years later when Relstaroth and I began to consider returning for we felt the power of the Gate being opened and knew it was time. We chanced to meet Aratanosh and renewed our friendship. She had long wandered the paths of the Realms and had also felt the reopening of the Gate. --more--'

Balennos tells you, 'It was a fortuitous meeting, but one that was not to last. The power released by the opening of the Gate was great and while Relstaroth and I were excited about the prospect of returning to the Prime, Aratanosh feared what that power might rouse. --more--'

Balennos tells you, 'There are beings in the Realms that are drawn to great power, they are impossible to describe, but Aratanosh spoke of one in particular that she believed was tracking her. And she feared that whatever it was might follow her to the Gate or worse, follow her through the Gate. --more--'

Balennos tells you, 'And that brings us to the end of my story. You see, she did not follow us through the Gate but travelled away on her own. I do not know where she went, only that it was the last time I saw her before I made the transition to the Prime. --more--'

Balennos tells you, 'Now, that is the end. There is no more I can tell you. Except that if you do find her, please bring word of her fate to me. She is.... dear to me. Take this information back to Valkoth with my apologies that I could not provide more.'

Valkoth tells you, '*you relay Balennos' Tale to Valkoth* That is it, is it? Well, it is more than we had. Thank you, <player>.'



  • Adventure Experience: 25000