Beachfront Beat Down

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Beachfront Beat Down
Type: Adventure
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The beaches near the Lakes of Crystal Tears have been invaded by a tribe of Agh'kuk Warriors. Deliver a message to them by clearing out some of the tribe.

Quest text[edit]

Ssoren tells you, Does <player> like the beach? Basking in the sun on the soft warm sand, cool and inviting ocean waves lapping nearby... Oh, excellent, then Ssoren has the perfect task for <player>. The beaches north of Upper Bridgeview, near the Lakes of Crystal Tears, have been invaded by a tribe of Agh'kuk. Ssoren wants <player> to deliver a message to them. Be careful of the larger ones, since they can be very protective of their friends. Take out ten of them, and Ssoren will have a small reward waiting when <player> returns.

That makes ten dead Agh'kuk. They don't seem very intimidated. In fact, they look even angrier and uglier than usual. You should let Ssoren know - after you get your money, of course..

Ssoren tells you, So, the bigger ones were upset? So much the better. Ssoren will continue pressuring them. If <player> wishes to help again, Ssoren would welcome the assistance.


  • Kill ten of the Warriors of the Agh'kuk Tribe. You'll find them near the Lakes of Crystal Tears. To get there take the road east out of Sslanis past Bridgeview.
  • Return to Ssoren in Sslanis for your reward.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 2000
  • Money: 3s