Blue Hasia's XXemote pack mod

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Mod type: Miscellaneous Mod
Description: Adds emotes to your character.
Necessary tasks:
Check.png Copy files NoCheck.png Overwrite files
NoCheck.png Edit files NoCheck.png Change ingame options

Detailed description[edit]

Official community thread:

Note: These installation steps are unconfirmed. If you know it works or know the correct way to install, please let us know on the talk page.

  • Close your istaria client
  • Open your istaria folder
    • On 64-bit systems (en), defaults to: C:\Program Files (x86)\istaria
    • On 32-bit systems (en), defaults to: C:\Program Files\istaria
  • Create a folder 'resources_override' (may exist already)
  • move into folder, create a 'resources' folder
  • move into folder, create a 'definitions' folder
  • move into folder, create a 'characters' folder
  • unpack the downloaded zip file
  • move into the 'resources' folder
  • FOR EACH *.def FILE, create a folder with the same name but remove the '_emote.def' part.
    • Example: copy 'elf_f_emote.def' into <your_istaria_folder>\resources_override\resources\definitions\characters\elf_f\ folder
    • Repeat with all files until you're done
  • start your istaria client
  • hope it works :)