Blue crafting icons

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Mod type: GUI Mod
Description: Adds blue crafting icons to the game.
Necessary tasks:
Check.png Copy files NoCheck.png Overwrite files
NoCheck.png Edit files NoCheck.png Change ingame options

Detailed description[edit]

Installation steps:

  • Close your istaria client
  • Open your istaria folder
    • On 64-bit systems (en), defaults to: C:\Program Files (x86)\istaria
    • On 32-bit systems (en), defaults to: C:\Program Files\istaria
  • unpack the downloaded zip file
  • copy the unpacked 'resources_override' folder into your istaria folder (overwrite existing)
  • start your istaria client
  • hope it works :)

Incase you have troubles to get it running you may find help by asking other players on the istaria community boards.

Facts about "Blue crafting icons"
DescriptionAdds blue crafting icons to the game. + +
Mod typeGUI Mod +