Bristugo: Elm Treant Trouble

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Bristugo: Elm Treant Trouble
Type: Adventure
Private Annia Hollin 
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The Vandus Militia in Bristugo is having difficulties with the local Elm Treants who have begun to move closer and closer to town.

Quest text[edit]

Annia tells you, <player>, welcome to Bristugo. Watch your back, those Elm Treants have been getting closer and closer. *her hands tighten on the half of her battle-axe, she squints and looks north* You are one of the Gifted. Perhaps you would assist us?

Annia tells you, It is simple, my friend. Simply kill ten of the Elm Treants north of town. Return here to me when you have finished thinning their ranks.

You have completed the task, return to Private Hollin at the Bristugo north gate!.

Annia tells you, Well done, <player>! I could hear the sound of the Treants falling from here and it was music to my ear. You have my thanks and that of the militia. Here, please accept this as a bounty for your troubles.


  • Listen to Private Hollin
  • Kill ten (10) Elm Treant Saplings north of Bristugo
  • Speak with Private Hollin at the Bristugo North Gate

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 2250
  • Money: 3s