Bruttien Homestead

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Bruttien Homestead
Destination pad: No pad
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: 27718 / 25653
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Bruttien Homestead is a small Farmstead on the Aradoth Frontier, northeast of Mithril's Anvil, near the entrance to the Yew Forest.


NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Ahala BruttienHealer7227,75525,647
Caepio BruttienScout9227,75225,668
Manilius BruttienLumberjack8427,76525,652

No creatures around.
No named creatures seen here.



Quests started in Bruttien Homestead[edit]

Lore Quest: Legend of the Great HuntCaepio Bruttien0
Ahala's Sweet Tooth IIAhala Bruttien80
Ahala's Sweet Brew (Quest)AlchemistAhala Bruttien80
Ahala's Sweet Tooth IAhala Bruttien85
Manilius' Lost SonManilius Bruttien85
Caepio's Troubles IICaepio Bruttien85
Caepio's Troubles ICaepio Bruttien85
Caepio's Troubles IIICaepio Bruttien85

Quests which involve Bruttien Homestead[edit]

No quests found.