Build A Better Automaton

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Build A Better Automaton
Type: Adventure
Lucky the Gambler 
Located at:
New Rachival 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Disgruntled Gnomes 
Next Quest: Prove Gangaf Is Innocent 

Lucky has his own theory on what happened in Rachival with the Automatons. He's convinced that with the right components from the remaining automatons, and a bit of tinkering, he can build a new and improved model. He has to work in secret, though, because automaton building has been frowned upon since the fall of Rachival.

Quest text[edit]

Lucky tells you, Bixben is quite mad it is true. But he does have one thing right. They call this place "New Rachival". Hrmphh.. I don't see what's so new about it. Everything here is so covered in rust that it hardly works any more. And if it isn't rust, it is sand. Bixben is right in that we gnomes need to take back Rachival from the Aegis and settle back home where we belong. And I know just how to do it. We need to build a better automaton.

Lucky tells you, Oh I know, I know. Most people think that it was Gangaf and his automatons that got us into this mess in the first place. But not me. I know the real truth. Folks don't call me Lucky for nothin, ya know? No, sir. Couple friends and I, we went back to Rachival not long ago on a salvage mission, if you will. We were looking for parts so I could upgrade these here Formulatrons I have. I've got plans for Formulatrons v 2.0. They'll use my new Panorama system and give formulas based on... Oh, wait. I'm getting away from the story again.

Lucky tells you, Like I was saying, we were back in Rachival looking for parts for a new formulatron when it hit me. It wasn't Gangaf's fault what happened. The formulatrons work just fine, so the automatons should as well. I think some of the Aegis got in there and broke some of the automaton circuitry, that's what I think. I know, I know, the automatons opened the gates to Rachival and let the Aegis in. But I found one of the circuit boards while we were in Rachival. Had only a moment to look at it before we had to run, though. Lucky I am, cause we got out alive. But dropped the board on the way, and there's no way I'm going back there again. You look like a brave soul, though. You could go back there. Bring me back five of their intact mainboards so I can analyze them. You can usually find one after deactivating the automatons. Deactivate them any way you can think of.

You have collected 5 mainboards that all look in pretty decent shape, especially compared to the rest of the automatons you deactivated. Take them back to Lucky for him to evaluate..

Lucky tells you, Oh these are excellent. Just what I was looking for. Yes, these will do fine. Now, <player>, listen, this is very important. While you were away collecting these, I had a letter from Gangaf. No, I can't show it to you because I've already destroyed it. I can't be caught with such a letter! I'd be outcast too. But you, you don't have to live here. You can go talk to him for me and see what he meant in his letter. Just don't tell anyone I sent you!

Gangaf tells you, May I help you? Oh, Lucky sent you. My yes, I'm sorry. I shouldn't use his name. You are right. I try to forget and often do, just how much of an outcast I am in Gnomish Society. Even after all this time, I'm still the one they blame. But I think that I can finally prove my innocence. With your help that is.

Gangaf tells you, I know you just collected mainboards for Lucky, but he doesn't know the automatons as well as I do. I built them, after all. I'd like you to bring me both a mainboard and the core circuitry from a deactivated automaton. You'll recognize the core circuitry because it looks like a mass of gears and spanners all connected by wire. Just pull it out and bring it to me. But don't tell anyone else what you are doing! The New Rachival Council has banned me from being able to look at my own work even, if you can imagine that! Something about not allowing me to build another monstrosity.

Consider your options carefully. If you agree to help Gangaf, speak to him again. Otherwise return to Lucky and talk to him..

Gangaf tells you, Oh that's wonderful. I am so glad you agreed to help.


  • Travel to Rachival outside Aughundell and deactivate enough automatons until you have collected 5 Intact Mainboards.
  • Bring the mainboards to Lucky in his home behind New Rachival.
  • Gangaf has been in exile in Dalimond since the fall of Rachival. Lucky needs you to be his messenger and see what Gangaf wants.
  • Gangaf asks for your help. Will you give it?
  • You have a decision to make. Will you agree to trust Gangaf and collect the pieces he needs? If so, greet Gangaf again and tell him you will help. Or will you tell Lucky what Gangaf wanted first?

Target mobs[edit]