Calimir the Bold

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Calimir the Bold
Location: Feladan
Rating: 92
School: Ranger
Health: 20
Coordinates: 25190 / 23188
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Calimir tells you, Well met, <player>! And welcome to Feladan. I am Calimir of the Order of Rangers. The Rangers are an ancient Order who's duty is to protect the trees and forests near Feladan. We were disbanded during the Exile, but with our return we have once again taken up our sacred duty! If you wish to know more of the Rangers, you should speak with Ranger-Captain Taurorond.

Calimir the Bold is a Ranger trainer.

Quests available[edit]

Ranger: Envenomed Arrow II50
Ranger: Fanged Arrow-Tips80
Ranger: Hunting the Direst Wolves80
Ranger: Mani's Bounty80
Ranger: Wolf Hunter80