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This quest line begins with Ristef the Peacemaker. He will offer you The Council's Concerns once you have met the requirements.


Quest nameTypeStarts atLocation
Aratanosh's FateAdventureKarane the HistorianChiconis
Attune to the Fiery RiftAttunementV'Tieru the Gatekeeper
Balennos' RecollectionsErrandKarane the HistorianChiconis
Kallinoth's JournalAdventureValkoth the AncientDralk
The ArchivesAdventureValkoth the AncientDralk
The Council's ConcernsAdventureRistef the PeacemakerDralk
The Guardian and the CrystalshaperAdventureAratanoshFiery Rift
The Stone of SeekingCraftingSemeneth the AncientChiconis

Involved NPCs[edit]

Items rewarded/needed[edit]


Creature nameMin levelMin healthXY
Diminished Surtheim12028,72027,76030,650
Guardian of Rage140154,10015,54047,605