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This quest line begins with Andorr the Lumberjack. He will offer you Forest of Troubles (Part 1) once you have met the requirements.


Quest nameStarts withAtLvlTypeMoneyAdv. Exp.Craft Exp.Rewards
Forest of Troubles (Part 1)Andorr the LumberjackEastern Outpost90Adventure10s63,800
Forest of Troubles (Part 2)Andorr the LumberjackEastern Outpost90Adventure10s63,800Weapon Tech Kit: Andorr's Ironwood Shaft
Forest of Troubles (Part 3)Andorr the LumberjackEastern Outpost80Crafting63,800Weapon Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft
Expert Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft
The Final Frontier (Part 1)Sergeant AkkatorEastern Outpost100Adventure10s41,175Akkator's Scout Map of the Region
The Final Frontier (Part 2)Sergeant AkkatorEastern Outpost100Adventure63,800
The Final Frontier (Part 3)Sergeant AkkatorEastern Outpost100Errand10s63,800
The Lost Patrol (Part 1)Wounded ScoutEastern Wastes100Errand10s63,800
The Lost Patrol (Part 2)Sergeant AkkatorEastern Outpost100Errand10s63,800
Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 1)Archwizard ThuridEastern Outpost100Adventure63,800Weapon Tech Kit: Thurid's Undead Slayer
Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 2)Archwizard ThuridEastern Outpost100Adventure10s63,800Thurid's Stone of Wrath
Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3)Archwizard ThuridEastern Outpost100Adventure63,800Weapon Tech Kit: Undead Slayer
Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer