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This quest line begins with Karane the Historian. She will offer you ARoP01 - Council of Ancients - Seek the Elders once you have met the requirements.

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Quest nameTypeStarts atLocation
ARoP01 - Council of Ancients - Seek the EldersErrandKarane the HistorianChiconis
ARoP02 - Trial of the Ancients - Prelude (Helian)ErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP03 - Scale of Ancients - Speak with VladtmordtErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP04 - Scale of Ancients - Fashion a Cask of HoldingAdventureVladtmordt the ChroniclerFloating Island
ARoP05 - Scale of Ancients - Light of the Ancient Fire (Helian)AdventureLantenal the HermitDralk
ARoP06 - Scale of Ancients - Capture the Soaring Wind (Helian)AdventureLantenal the HermitDralk
ARoP07 - Scale of Ancients - Armor of the Infinite (Helian)AdventureLantenal the HermitDralk
ARoP08 - Scale of Ancients - Primal Divinity (Helian)AdventureLantenal the HermitDralk
ARoP09 - Scale of Ancients - Harness the Inner Strength (Helian)AdventureLantenal the HermitDralk
ARoP10 - Scale of Ancients - The Golem King (Helian)AdventureVladtmordt the ChroniclerFloating Island
ARoP11 - Gate of Embers: IntroductionErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP12 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part OneErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP13 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part TwoErrandJendre the AstronomerDralk
ARoP14 - Gate of Embers: Gemstones for the Spell of PathfindingCraftingGrizelian the PrimalistChiconis
ARoP15 - Gate of Embers: Harness the Energy for the Spell of PathfindingAdventureGrizelian the PrimalistChiconis
ARoP16 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part ThreeErrandGrizelian the PrimalistChiconis
ARoP17 - Ritual of Journey: PreludeErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP18 - Ritual of Journey: Enter AkhanisAdventureHethsa the PatientPeak of Storms
ARoP19 - Ritual of Journey: Spirits In SolitudeErrandHethsa the PatientPeak of Storms
ARoP20 - Ritual of Journey: The Focus of SpiritErrandHethsa the PatientPeak of Storms
ARoP21 - Ritual of Journey: By the Hand of Drulkar...ErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP22 - Ritual of Journey: Stars of AttunementErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP23 - Journey to The Rift: The SleeperErrandV'Tieru the GatekeeperDralk
ARoP24 - Retribution: Seek the GuardiansAdventureThe SleeperThe Rift
ARoP24b - Retribution: Defeat ElialAdventureGuardian of ElialThe Rift
ARoP25 - Retribution: Destroy The RiftrenderErrandThe SleeperThe Rift

Involved NPCs[edit]

Items rewarded/needed[edit]


Creature nameMin levelMin healthXY
Discord Energy Residue802,00517,21120,639
Elial the Mercenary160150,64212,16942,149
Famine Energy Residue802,00517,34221,751
Guardian of Blood14054,35613,36842,315
Guardian of Bone14067,93012,16842,572
Guardian of Heart14027,20812,40742,528
Guardian of Mind14040,78213,48142,125
Inhibition Energy Residue802,00518,44721,351
Machine of Inhibition120672,01017,81321,802
Palsy Energy Residue802,00516,48421,463
Umyarr the Golem King10713,75030,60025,900

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