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This quest line begins with Giltekh Framtor. He will offer you Niesa's Fate (Part 1) once you have met the requirements.


Quest nameStarts withAtLvlTypeMoneyAdv. Exp.Craft Exp.Rewards
Niesa's Bonds (Conclusion)Archbishop Tomas AguaTower of Clerics90Errand25,000Potion of Cleansing
Junk Item
Niesa's Bonds (Part 1)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Adventure12,000Junk Item
Niesa's Bonds (Part 2)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Adventure12,000Junk Item
Niesa's Bonds (Part 3)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand15 silver12,000Slave-Bonds
Niesa's Bonds (Part 4)Giltekh FramtorExpedition Camp90Errand15 silver12,000Slave-Bonds
Niesa's Bonds (Part 5)Dennison JadefellowDalimond90Errand15 silver12,000Slave-Bonds
Niesa's Bonds (Part 6)Archbishop Tomas AguaTower of Clerics90Adventure15 silver12,000
Niesa's Decision (Optional)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand25s25,000Niesa's Pattern Set
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 1)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 2)Private BorrinEastern Outpost90Errand15 silver12,000
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 3)Sergeant AkkatorEastern Outpost90Errand15 silver12,000
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 4)Guard-Captain TerryHarro90Errand12,000Junk Item
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 5)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Unknown / Undefined15 Silver12,000
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 6)BattleMaster Trikoz TrekEastern Outpost90Adventure12,000Slaver's Token
Niesa's Fate (Conclusion)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand25,000Junk Item
Niesa's Fate (Part 1)Giltekh FramtorExpedition Camp90Errand10s10,000
Niesa's Fate (Part 2)Dantor the ScoutIsland of Fire and Ice90Errand10s10,000
Niesa's Fate (Part 3)Skald HrolfssonMahagra90Errand10s10,000
Niesa's Fate (Part 4)Feljat the TraderKirasanct90Errand10s10,000
Niesa's Fate (Part 5)Private BorrinEastern Outpost90Errand10s10,000
Niesa's Fate (Part 6)Farrileth the ScoutEastern Deadlands90Adventure10,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 1)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand15,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 10)AerilyaNew Rachival90Errand125,000King of Potions Draught
Niesa's Legacy (Part 3)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Crafting15,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 4)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Adventure15,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 5)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Crafting15,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 6)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand17s 500c15,000
Niesa's Legacy (Part 7)Giltekh FramtorExpedition Camp90Adventure15,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy (Part 8)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand17s 500c15,000
Niesa's Legacy (Part 9)Grandmaster BarrakhenKirasanct90Errand17s 500c15,000
Niesa's Legacy - Blighted Carapace Powder (Part 2d)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Crafting15,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy - ConclusionNiesaNiesa's Prison90Errand100s50,000Formula: King of Potions Draught
Niesa's Legacy - Diamond Vial (Part 2a)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Crafting15,000Junk Item
Formula: Diamond Vial
Niesa's Legacy - Pure Water (Part 2b)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Crafting15,000Junk Item
Niesa's Legacy - Shadowstem Paste (Part 2c)NiesaNiesa's Prison90Crafting15,000Junk Item