Central Valley: Shamanic Rites

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Central Valley: Shamanic Rites
Type: Adventure
Private Eilin Abbath 
Located at:
Central Valley 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Central Valley: Forest Skulk Menace 
Next Quest:  

The Forest Skulk have spread into the Central Valley and have begun menacing travelers and communities. You helped the militia by destroying one of their villages, but the Shaman escaped. Now is the time to track it down!

Quest text[edit]

Eilin tells you, Ah, <player>, we have a problem! You took care of the Forest Skulk Village well enough and I daresay they won't be returning soon, but it appears the Shaman of the village was not present. How do I know this? Well, a tradesman passed through mere moments ago and reported seeing a gathering of dark clouds just to the northeast.

Eilin tells you, Oh, I know what you are thinking <player>! That these were just storm clouds, nothing more. But that would be the furthest from the truth! They were a gathering of magic, I wager, brought about by the shaman that was missed! So, you must find it Ranger and stop whatever spell it is preparing to cast! Hurry, you have no time to waste.

Eilin tells you, <player>, you succeeded! I saw the dark cloud dissipate from my post not long after you passed beyond sight. A job well done, that is the truth. Here, I found this necklace the day I arrived at my post. I do not know its origins, but I am sure you will find more use of it than I. Good journeys!

You have received 1 Jewelry Tech Kit: Necklace of Strength.


  • Stop the Forest Skulk Shaman from casting a spell on the Central Valley
  • Return to Private Abbath in the Central Valley with word of your victory

Target mobs[edit]