Clear Loricatus Beetles From The Construction Zone

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Clear Loricatus Beetles From The Construction Zone
Type: Adventure
Talios the Builder 
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Builder Talios is having difficulty with the Loricatus Beetles. They are encroaching on the city itself, overturning things, getting under foot and in the way.

Quest text[edit]

Talios tells you, Ah, good. You seem strong and capable, yes you do. You see, on orders from Lady Kendra we began building new structures for the people of Kion. I excavated a large part of the hillside to make room, but when I did I guess I disturbed the beetles because they have infested the entire area! I could really use some assistance in clearing them out of the immediate area. Could you please kill at least twenty of them?

You have killed a sufficient number of beetles. Return and speak with Talios the Builder..

Talios tells you, Ah, most appreciated, <player>! You have done well and I can see a good portion of the town is now clear of those blasted beetles. Thank you so much! Please accept this coin as a token of my appreciation.


  • Clear Loricatus Beetles from around the town of Kion. They are found along the beaches to on the western side of town primarily.
  • Return and Speak with Talios the Builder

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 750
  • Money: 1s