Clear Out the Blighted Outpost

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Clear Out the Blighted Outpost
Type: Adventure
Felion Mor 
Located at:
Lesser Aradoth 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Kill Enraged Cedar Treants 
Next Quest:  

The blighted axes of the Withered Aegis continue to plague the Cedar Treants. Felion Mor has asked that you go into the Blighted Outpost and clear it of the rotted creatures within.

Quest text[edit]

Felion tells you, Hruuummm... The plague on the treants continues, <player> Truesong Wolf Hunter! The axes are never silent, the blight continues to hurt us, and the Withered Aegis are ever so hasty... thruuummm. You must help us, Miss. Please, go to the blighted area near here, the old outpost, and destroy the rotted creatures you find within. For it is they that brings the pain to my brethren. Destroy them and I shall reward you handsomely!

You have slain the enemies of the treants and cleansed the Blighted Outpost! Return to speak with Felion Mor as soon as possible..

Felion tells you, Hrooooommm! You have done well! And you have done us a great favor. Freedom from the bite of the blighted axe, for a time. Throom... Vruuum... Accept this and go.

You have received 1 Dim Nature Armor Crystal.

You have received 1 Dim Nature Weapon Crystal.


  • Enter the region known as the Blighted Outpost. There you will find Rotted Guards and Priests. Kill 20 of them by way of cleaning out the region and setting Felion Mor's mind to rest.
  • Return to Speak with Felion Mor to let him know your task is complete.

Target mobs[edit]