Clearing The Roadway

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Clearing The Roadway
Type: Adventure
Amenai Gauzir 
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Amenai, a blacksmith in Kion, is feeling trapped. He'd like to leave Kion and see more of Istaria, but the greymane wolves which roam the road south toward Bridgeview intimidate him. He's agreed to reward you if you clear the road and bring him back some of the hides from the wolves as proof.

Quest text[edit]

Amenai tells you, Hey you! Yes, you. Are you the Ranger I've been hearing so much about lately? What's your name?

Amenai tells you, Well, <player>, I need help, and from what I've heard you're just the one who can help me. I'm a blacksmith and have worked for years for the Empire, but with so many people now taking up the trade, work is drying up around here. Even with the raids on Kion, there just isn't the need for new weapons and armor that there once was. So I'd like to get out and see the world a bit. Problem is those wolves. They're mighty aggressive and I just can't get by them. So that's where you come in. If you are willing to clear the roadway for me, I'd be able to get out of this place, maybe head down to Sslanis or even over to Aradoth itself! What do you say? Are you willing?

Amenai tells you, Excellent! That's good news indeed. I'll tell you what, if you clear 20 of the greymane wolves from the roadway and bring me back 10 of their skulls as proof, I'll reward you. I have some coin saved up from my contracts with the Empire, so I can pay you and still have enough left over for travel. Do we have a deal?

You've slain the required number of wolves and cleared a path. If you have the skulls you need, return to Amenai..

Amenai tells you, Did you do it? Were you able to clear the road so that I can finally get out of this place? Wonderful. Let me have the skulls, of course, and I'll pay you.

Amenai tells you, You've done so well helping me, I know where you should go next. A ranger friend of mine has made a camp just south of the city of Kion. He's braver than I to camp out there, that's for certain. But I've heard that even he is having some troubles and could use help.


  • Amenai has asked that you clear the roadway of greymane wolves. The wolves are found on the road south out of Kion. Killing 20 of them should be enough to give Amenai time to get clear.
  • Amenai also said he wants 10 of the skulls from the greymane wolves. You didn't ask what he wants them for, as some things are better off unknown.
  • Return to Amenai with the 10 Greymane Skulls and tell him of your success.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 1500
  • Money: 2s