Cleric's Quest 5: Clear the Roadway of Treants

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Cleric's Quest 5: Clear the Roadway of Treants
Type: Adventure
Acolyte Miry 
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Cleric's Quest 4: Spider Slayers Wanted 
Next Quest: Cleric's Quest 6: Coordination Against Beetles 

The roadway between Pratt's Pond and the northern settlements on New Trismus needs to be cleared of Cedar Treant Saplings. This is your next step in your training.

Quest Text[edit]

Miry tells you, Hello again, <player>. I have a task for you if you are up for it? You see, there is but one roadway that leads from Pratt's Pond up to where we've stationed guards in the north. And we need to be able to get supplies through there. But the Cedar Treant Saplings have become more and more aggressive lately, attacking the caravans that we've sent. So I need your help clearing the roadways. Kill 10 of the saplings and let's see if that is enough.

Miry tells you, You've done it? You've gotten the roadways clear? This is good news indeed, as there are supplies which have been stacking up and need to be taken north. Let us begin your training now and see how well you are advancing.


  • Cedar Treant Saplings are found around the roads in the southern part of the island just above Pratt's Pond. They need to be cleared from the roadways so that supply caravans can get through.
  • Speak to Acolyte Miry and let her know that the roadways are now clear for caravans

Target Mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 400
  • Money: 750c
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