Cleric's Tower: A Fragmented Soul

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Cleric's Tower: A Fragmented Soul
Type: Adventure
Scholar Kayl Reynos 
Located at:
Tower of Clerics 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Cleric's Tower: Ghostly Ectoplasm 
Next Quest:  

You've assisted Scholar Kayl Reynos with her research twice now, but the items you returned with from the Tomb of Ashlander Vandus just haven't contained enough of what she seeks from the spirit realm. She's looking for one more item that may be powerful enough!

Quest text[edit]

Kayl tells you, Ah, there you are <player>. I was hoping to see you again soon. The ectoplasmic residue you brought me looked at first as if it might contain what I am searching for, but it was not potent enough. I need something that has greater ties to the spirit realm.

Kayl tells you, Would you be interested in returning to the Tomb of Ashlander one more time? If so, I would ask that you locate and recover a Fragmented Soul Shard. You'll need something larger than a Tomb Guard or even Furious Shade for this one, Cleric. Seek out the Ancient Burial Guardians deep in the Tomb, they should be large enough to contain a Soul Shard for my purposes.

You've recovered a fragmented soul shard! Return with it to Kayl Reynos at the Cleric's Tower..

Kayl tells you, Yes, <player>, yes this will work! See how it has a slight glow? This means the spiritual energy is still strong within the shard. *she claps her hands* This is exciting. Thank you, <player>, and farewell.

You have received 1 Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Spiritual Matters.


Target mobs[edit]