Craft: Spellcraft V

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Craft: Spellcraft V
This technique gives the user the ability to create certain objects with an additional +20 to the Spellcraft trade skill.

Application requires:
4 Shining Essence Orb
2 Blood Skulk Soothsayer's Mettle
2 Nah'guk Warrior's Jawbone

Item type: Craft Technique
Slots used:

Bulk: 1
Hoard value: 1050
Sell value:
Tier: Tier 5

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Craft: Spellcraft V is part of the Craft: Spellcraft line.


This technique grants a +20 increase to Spellcraft.


Nah'guk Warrior's Jawbone
Blood Skulk Soothsayer's Mettle
Shining Essence Orb


No creatures seem to drop it.

Who sells it?Location
Grendan StonemeldAughundell