Crafting Quests

From Istaria Lexica

Quest nameSchool req.Level req.Starts at
Bobbing for Apples!0New Brommel
Errand for the Festival Commissioner's Wife0New Koraelia
(Daily) Behind on my Quota0Sable Shore
Fishing Supplies for Bammas0
South March: The Essence of Research II0South March
Sshranu's Pet ProjectAlchemist0Sslanis
Fishing Pole for Bammas0
Old Rachival: Engineering a Disaster (Part 3)Tinkerer0Winter Vale
Special Pants Quest0New Trismus
Foe To Friend0New Koraelia
Mrs Clause's Dragon TreatDragon Crafter0New Koraelia
Remnants of an Artifact (Part 1)0Tower of Healing
Fishing Knowledge for Bammas0
Gathering Fish Across Istaria0New Brommel
The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard (Gangaf)0Dalimond
Return for More Dragon TreatsDragon Crafter0New Koraelia
Enchanted Oats0New Koraelia
Earn Title: A Reel Fisherman0New Koraelia
Holy Symbols: Symbol of LifeCleric0Tower of Clerics
South March: The Essence of Research I0South March
Jemmei's Late Delivery0Heart
Fishing Line for Bammas1
Gravus' Quest: Outfitter Part IIIOutfitter1Spirit Isle
Skalkaar Tutorial 6: Craft a Chest Scale!Dragon Crafter1Skalkaar
Gravus' Quest: Outfitter Part IOutfitter1Spirit Isle
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 6 Cut GarnetDragon Crafter1
Rare Foods: Minty GoodnessConfectioner1Feladan
Rare Foods: Snap DragonConfectioner1New Brommel
Skalkaar Tutorial 11: Head to New TrismusDragon Adventurer1Skalkaar
Gravus' Quest: Outfitter Part IIOutfitter1Spirit Isle
Outfitter: Bronze Bars Badly Needed!Outfitter1New Trismus
Dragon Tutorial: Spells and AbilitiesDragon Crafter1
Gravus' Quest: Scholar Part IScholar1Spirit Isle
Skalkaar Tutorial 7: Return to KarkathDragon Crafter1Skalkaar
Gravus' Quest: Blacksmith Part IVBlacksmith1Spirit Isle
Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon ClawDragon Crafter1
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 50 Copper and Tin OreDragon Crafter1
Rare Foods: Sage AdviceConfectioner1Sslanis
Skalkaar Tutorial 8: Kill a Grass BeetleDragon Adventurer1Skalkaar
Gravus' Quest: Blacksmith Part IIBlacksmith1Spirit Isle
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 50 Sandstone SlabsDragon Crafter1
T1 Rare Foods: A Touch of GingerConfectioner1Sslanis
Gravus' Quest: Blacksmith Part IIIBlacksmith1Spirit Isle
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 10 Bronze BarsDragon Crafter1
Rare Foods: Fennel TalesConfectioner1Feladan
Gravus' Quest: Scholar Part IIScholar1Spirit Isle
Skalkaar Tutorial 9: Spider Killing!Dragon Adventurer1Skalkaar
Gravus' Quest: Scholar Part IIIScholar1Spirit Isle
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 10 Sandstone BricksDragon Crafter1
Outfitter: Replenish The Village's Stock of Flax SpoolsOutfitter1New Trismus
Skalkaar Tutorial 5: Craft a Skalkaar Dragon ClawDragon Crafter1Skalkaar
Outfitter: The Village Has Been Stripped of Hide!Outfitter1New Trismus
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 35 Uncut GarnetDragon Crafter1
Gravus' Quest: Blacksmith Part IBlacksmith1Spirit Isle
Rare Foods: Music of the NightshadeConfectioner1Feladan
Skalkaar Tutorial 10: The Mother GruokDragon Adventurer1Skalkaar
Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon ScaleDragon Crafter1
Kerian's Quest: Learn To Craft A Spell!Dragon Crafter1New Trismus
Blacksmith: Picks for the MinerBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Help put the Work back in StoneworkingBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Scouts Need Short Bows Too!Blacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Make short work of short swordsBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: If These Hammers Could Talk!Blacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Smelting Tongs on the move!Blacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Resupply the Pawnbroker With Wood SawsBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: High Demand for Large AxesBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Bronze Maces for the militiaBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Cedar Staves for the MagesBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Surplus of Short SpearsBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Help Elenna Gather WoodBlacksmith3New Trismus
Blacksmith: Order 102, Harvest KnivesBlacksmith3New Trismus
Outfitter: Distilling, An IntroductionOutfitter4New Trismus
Outfitter: Rough Day's WorkOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Forest Walkin In StyleOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Bracing the Ringmail BracersOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Surplus of Bronze HelmsOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Shouldering the LoadOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Arming Your Arms With RingmailOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Give Ringmail Boots The Boot!Outfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Unsinged FingersOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Embracing the HideOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Keeping Up With the PantsOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Replenish The Militia's Stock of GauntletsOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Belts of BronzeOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Rough Around The WaistOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: A Need for WristbandsOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: These Boots Were Made For...Outfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: A Shoulder To Cry OnOutfitter5New Trismus
Outfitter: Excess ShouldersOutfitter5New Trismus
Lairshaping Mastery I5Relstaroth's Lair
Blacksmith: Longing for Longbows!Blacksmith9New Trismus
Blacksmith: Pawning the goods!Blacksmith9New Trismus
Blacksmith: Wanted: Cedar CudgelsBlacksmith9New Trismus
Blacksmith: Putting the War back in WarhammerBlacksmith9New Trismus
Blacksmith: Outlasting the Long Swords!Blacksmith9New Trismus
Stoneworking Mastery I: Craft 70 Sandstone BricksDragon Crafter10Kion
Essence Shaping Mastery I: Dim Essence Orbs10Kion
Scholar: Paper and PapyrusScholar10Kion
Replace the Lost Mushrooms10Ranger's Camp
Gemcraft Mastery I: Craft 70 Malachite10Kion
Rare Foods: Food For the RoadConfectioner10Parsinia
Spellcraft Mastery I: Sandstone Bricks10Kion
Go Fishing for Thanthor the Fisher10Lower Bridgeview
Learn to Craft The Withered Bane10New Trismus
Learning to Shape LairsDragon Lairshaper10Dralk
Quarrying Mastery I: Sandstone10Kion
Smelting Mastery I: Craft 70 Bronze BarsDragon Crafter10Kion
Essence Harvesting Mastery I: Dim Essence10
Crystalshaping Mastery IDragon Lairshaper10Relstaroth's Lair
Mining Mastery I: Collect 100 Copper and Tin Ore10Kion
Scholar: Beginning Scrolls IScholar10Kion
New Clothing for Banner Days10Kion
Scalecraft Mastery I: Bronze Bars10Kion
Scholar: Beginning Scrolls IIScholar10Kion
Scholar: Scrolls and BeyondScholar10Kion
Marcus' Quest: Shipment of Bracelets15Kion
Priscilla the Shoulder Parrot15Sslanis
Marcus' Quest: Shipment of Scales15Kion
Mining Mastery II: Bronze Bars20Dralk
Gemcraft Mastery II: Craft 140 Garnet20Dralk
Azulyte Crystal TransmutationDragon Lairshaper20Relstaroth's Lair
Smelting Mastery II: Craft 140 Bronze BarsDragon Crafter20Chiconis
Lairshaping Mastery IIDragon Lairshaper20Relstaroth's Lair
Abigail's Outstanding Order21Bristugo
Learning to Weave BasketsWeaver21Holcomb Farmstead
(Daily) Fish Fillets for Market Day21Holcomb Farmstead
Eilin's Pretty Flowers21Central Valley
Ancient Clothing25Kion
Arghas' Tea Time25Archaeologist's Camp
Anthas Root Tea25Archaeologist's Camp
Anthas Root Tea (Confectioner)Confectioner25Dalimond
Mining Mastery III: Collect 100 Iron OreDragon Crafter30Dralk
Gemcraft Mastery III: Craft 70 AmethystDragon Crafter30Dralk
Smelting Mastery III: Craft 70 Iron BarsDragon Crafter30Chiconis
Crystalshaping Mastery IIDragon Lairshaper30Relstaroth's Lair
Lairshaping Mastery IIIDragon Lairshaper40Relstaroth's Lair
Rare Foods: A Spicy Snack for the Famished MinerConfectioner40Aughundell Mines
Mining Mastery IV: Craft 75 Silver BarsDragon Crafter40Dralk
Gemcraft Mastery IV: Craft 140 Rose Quartz40Dralk
Mining Mastery V: Collect 100 Dark Iron OreDragon Crafter50Dralk
Gemcraft Mastery V: Craft 70 JasperDragon Crafter50Dralk
Smelting Mastery V: Craft 70 Steel BarsDragon Crafter50Chiconis
Mining Mastery VI: Craft Steel 75 Bars60Dralk
Gemcraft Mastery VI: Craft 140 AquamarineDragon Crafter60Dralk
Rare Foods: The Brains of the OutfitConfectioner60Mahagra
Gather Rare Components for Balit's Research60Balit's Island
Smelting Mastery VI: Craft 140 Steel BarsDragon Crafter60Chiconis
Smelting Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt BarsDragon Crafter70Chiconis
Mining Mastery VII: Collect Cobalt 100 OreDragon Crafter70Dralk
Gemcraft Mastery VII: Craft 70 JadeDragon Crafter70Dralk
The Stone of SeekingDragon Adventurer80Chiconis
Forest of Troubles (Part 3)Blacksmith80Eastern Outpost
Ted's Gone Fishin'80New Koraelia
Smelting Mastery VIII: Craft 140 Cobalt BarsDragon Crafter80Chiconis
Ted's Assignment80New Koraelia
Ahala's Sweet Brew (Quest)Alchemist80Bruttien Homestead
Mining Mastery VIII: Craft 75 Cobalt BarsDragon Crafter80Dralk
Gemcraft Mastery VIII: Craft 140 OpalDragon Crafter80Dralk
Earn Title: The Angler80New Koraelia
Honoring An Old Friend (Part 1)81Expedition Camp
Honoring An Old Friend (Part 2)81Expedition Camp
Niesa's Draught (Part 2)85Expedition Camp
Niesa's Rub (Quest)Alchemist85Expedition Camp
Imperial Outpost: Radiant Essence Sphere90Imperial Outpost
Niesa's Legacy - Diamond Vial (Part 2a)Alchemist90Niesa's Prison
Niesa's Legacy (Part 3)Alchemist90Niesa's Prison
Niesa's Legacy - Pure Water (Part 2b)Alchemist90Niesa's Prison
Imperial Outpost: Adamantium Sheeting90Imperial Outpost
Niesa's Legacy (Part 5)Alchemist90Niesa's Prison
Imperial Outpost: Thornwood Timbers90Imperial Outpost
Millie's Fish Fry90Blackhammer Farmstead
Flowers for Millie's Table90Blackhammer Farmstead
Smelting Mastery IX: Craft 70 Mithril BarsDragon Crafter90Chiconis
Imperial Outpost: Travertine Block90Imperial Outpost
Niesa's Legacy - Shadowstem Paste (Part 2c)Alchemist90Niesa's Prison
Imperial Outpost: Steelsilk Bolts90Imperial Outpost
Mining Mastery IX: Collect 100 Mithril OreDragon Crafter90Dralk
Niesa's Legacy - Blighted Carapace Powder (Part 2d)Alchemist90Niesa's Prison
Gemcraft Mastery IX: Craft 70 EmeraldDragon Crafter90Dralk
Rare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!Confectioner95
Earn Title: KeymasterTinkerer100Delgarath
Gemcraft Mastery X: Craft 140 Fire OpalDragon Crafter100Dralk
Earn Title: KeymakerTinkerer100Delgarath
ARoP14 - Gate of Embers: Gemstones for the Spell of PathfindingDragon Adventurer100Chiconis
Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 4)100Aughundell
Earn Title: Antidote Expert100Delgarath
Smelting Mastery X: Craft 140 Mithril BarsDragon Crafter100Chiconis