Crankenspank's Tomb

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Crankenspank's Tomb
Destination pad: No pad
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: 23570 / 22300
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The Crankenspank's Tomb is a blighted area and the final resting place of Crankenspank. The closest port is Spire's Gate, head south.

NPCs and creatures[edit]

No NPCs located here.

Creature NameSchoolRatingXY
CrankenspankAegis Mummy Sorcerer2923,60122,362
Elm TreantTreant3222,15022,950
Elm Treant SaplingTreant2621,83023,180
Enraged Elm TreantTreant3922,13023,000
Massive Elm TreantTreant3622,15023,030
Risen NecromancerNecromancer2618,04017,900
Risen Tomb GuardTomb Guard2522,44021,500
Tomb CrawlerTomb Crawlers3122,43321,485
Tomb ScarabTomb Scarab2622,44021,510

Named CreatureSchoolRatingXY
CrankenspankAegis Mummy Sorcerer2923,60122,362


No quests found.


Grave Dust