Deliver a Report to Sergeant Addlier in Dalimond

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Deliver a Report to Sergeant Addlier in Dalimond
Type: Errand
Located at:
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Mattias of The Brotherhood in Kion has a report he needs urgently delivered to Sergeant Grace Addlier in the human city of Dalimond. He has entrusted you with this task.

Quest text[edit]

Mattias tells you, Ah, good, <player>, there is something we need to discuss. I have a report I need you to carry east to a member of The Brotherhood stationed in Dalimond. Her name is Grace Addlier, a Sergeant, and this must be delivered with all haste! To reach Dalimond, take the road south to Lower Bridgeview, cross over, and then travel east.

You have received 1 Mattias' Report to Sergeant Addlier.

Grace tells you, A report from Mattias you say? Well, let me see. *she takes the report and reviews it* Well well. Welcome to Dalimond, my young student! I am Sergeant Addlier, member of The Brotherhood and the one who will continue your training as Mattias has requested in this report. There is much to learn and little time to learn it in. So when you are ready to continue with your studies, seek me out.



  • Adventure Experience: 250