Most Honored Demonte Seviris

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Most Honored Demonte Seviris
Location: Dalimond
Rating: 80
School: Knight of Creation
Health: 20
Coordinates: 22693 / 22681
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Demonte tells you, It is peaceful here in Dalimond, is it not? Gives one time to rest, and to heal. You are surprised that even an old knight must rest and mend? The Path of the Knight of Creation is not easy for we fight with every fiber of our being, holding nothing back, and often giving everything for our cause. Following the Path requires dedication to a cause greater than yourself and sacrifice. Would you follow this Path and become a Knight of Creation?

Demonte tells you, Oh yes, I am old. Older than you might imagine and I feel weary. Weary of the endless fight, the never-ending struggle against the Undead Hordes. I am ready to pass it on to those younger than myself, those who were not present at the Battle of Tazoon, who did not see what I saw, and who still have the desire to put their lives in harm's way. Do you still have the desire to follow the Path?

Demonte is a Knight of Creation trainer.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.