Discover the Fate of Balit's Companion

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Discover the Fate of Balit's Companion
Type: Errand
Located at:
Balit's Island 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: Assist Balit with his Research 

Balit has asked you to help him determine the fate of his lost companion and fellow researcher, Allot, whom Balit has not seen since the day of the ship-wreck.

Quest text[edit]

Balit tells you, You see, a companion of mine, Allot, was also marooned on this island. But I have not seen him since the first day we arrived! I fear he may have been killed... or worse, turned into a werewolf. Please, search the island for any sign of him and then return here when you are done. Be sure and search each side of the island!

You find nothing of consequence here..

You find nothing of consequence here..

You find nothing of consequence here..

You find nothing of consequence here..

Balit tells you, You found no sign of a body? And no sign of him as a werewolf? That is most unfortunate, <player>, most distressing... I was positive he made it off the ship with me... Oh! Perhaps he escaped to another island or the mainland... Yes, that must be it.

Balit tells you, If I remember correctly, there was another island just to the north east of this one. I believe the water there is shallow enough to cross... and werewolves hate water! I know that all too well. Perhaps Allot crossed the water and made it to safety. Go, <player>, and search the island to the north east, discover my friend's fate!

On the ground before you lies a skeleton, a few tattered remains of clothing still clinging to the bones. Near one out-stretched hand, you see a ragged book of some sort..

You have received 1 Allot's Journal.

Balit tells you, Ah, you have returned! Did you discover Allot's fate? You did? His skeleton? Are you sure it was him? You found his journal? This is a sad day indeed, but a fortunate one. Finding his journal means that his research notes were not lost! Thank you kindly for returning this to me. Here, please accept this coin as a reward. It is not much, but it is what I had on me when I was marooned here. I have no use for it now.


  • Search the northern tip of Balit's Island (27507/18597 (map)).
  • Search the western side of the island (27503/18116 (map)).
  • Search the southern tip of the island (28095/17913 (map)).
  • Search the eastern side of Balit's Island (27909/18074 (map)).
  • Return to speak with Balit after searching the island.
  • Search the island that is just off the north eastern tip of Balit's Island. Try to avoid the werewolf Eyetooth, but if he attacks you, Balit suggested that werewolves don't like water, so you can dive in to avoid him. Look among the rocks on the small island for Balit's companion (27927/18634 (map)).
  • Return to Balit with news of his companion's fate. Be sure to give Balit the journal you found so that he will know what happened to his friend.


  • Adventure Experience: 21800
  • Money: 10s