Drain Bolt: A Special Reward

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Drain Bolt: A Special Reward
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Dragon Adventurer 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Drain Bolt X: A Spirited Battle 
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Now that you have mastered the various Drain Bolt spells, Khemarius has one final task for you and from it he will provide you with a formula for making them all.

Quest Text[edit]

Khemarius tells you, You and I have worked well togther in the past. And there's no reason we can't continue, is there? In fact, I have scribed a very special reward for you if you will but complete just one final task for me.Are you ready?

Khemarius tells you, I will provide you with the formula for making the Drain Bolt spells if in exchange you will obtain some very special shiney golem hearts for me. I want three in particular, one from a golem known as Tibur. He can be found on the Wan Coast. Another from Umyarr in the Barrier Vale. And the final from Mohs, the Diamond Golem in the Eastern Deadlands. I know not where these roam specifically, I have only heard the naka' speaking of them and wish to have a trinket. Will you do this for me?


  • Slay Tibur the Travertine Golem. He's found on the Wan Coast, but Khemarius was not specific as to more than that.
  • Slay Umyarr the Adamantium Boulder Golem. He's found somewhere near the Barrier Vale.
  • Slay Mohs, the Diamond Golem that roams the Eastern Deadlands.
  • Return to Khemarius for your final reward.

Target mobs[edit]