Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): King Dralnok's Fate

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Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): King Dralnok's Fate
Type: Errand
Sergeant Dylan 
Located at:
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Previous Quest: Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Torturers 
Next Quest: Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings 

Descending back into Dralnok's Doom and the darkness, you find a hidden passage that leads deeper into the black of these caverns. Lord Dralnok's fate lies somewhere in the Deep, for the Iron Guard and for Istaria you must keep searching until you find it.

Quest text[edit]

Dylan tells you, Welcome back, <player>. I take it you are ready to proceed? I have been thinking long and hard about the torture chamber you found within the Deep. I believe it proves to us that Lord Dralnok did indeed descend into the darkness! The dwarven bodies you found, the risen dead you fought, it all points to tortured members of the Iron Guard. But why were they tortured? To discover the secrets of the army? Or the city of Aughundell? Or of Lord Dralnok's purpose down there? I doubt we will ever know for sure.

Dylan tells you, Nevertheless, the day has come for you to venture back into the darkness and resume your search for Lord Dralnok. There must be more to these caverns that what you found, <player>. A hidden passage, a secret door, something. Descend again into the darkness and search the torture chamber fully.

You have discovered a passage that leads deeper into the caverns! The ceiling appears to have collapsed and the undead abandoned it. Continue your search for Lord Dralnok!.

You have found signs of the Iron Guard, though from the look of it things did not go well for them all. Continue your search for Lord Dralnok!.

You have located the burial chamber of King Dralnok Hammerfist! But the foul energies of the Withered Aegis have disturbed his slumber and he and his Fallen Guard stand between you and whatever relics lie within the burial chamber..


  • Descend into the Deep and Search for a hidden passage
    Triggers on the road shortly before you meet Spirit of Sigrun at 8377/46086 (map)
  • Explore deeper into the Darkness for Lord Dralnok
    Triggers on the road right infront of a spike from above, at 8724/46163 (map)
  • Search for Signs of Lord Dralnok
    Triggers beside the first Murk Crab pond, right near the Spirit of Dralnok, at 8859/46387 (map)


Note: Upon completing this quest, you will automatically have Dralnok's_Doom_(Chapter_2):_The_Hammer_of_Kings quest added to your quest log!