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Listed below are the known easter eggs in Istaria. Easter eggs are hidden pieces of content, jokes, or references hidden within a game with the intention to be found for fun rather than any actual purpose.

Original Mushroom Island[edit]


South of Drakul: 14888, 28152

Far south of Drakul lay a little island about 100 meters long. It had no lairs, no plots, no NPCs, and no area name. There was no real reason for it being there other than to be there. It was inaccesible to bipeds, but dragons were able to fly there quite easily. It was about a minute flight directly south from Drakul.

As of 2015, this island no longer exists.

Angry Squirrel[edit]


Portal to Dralnok's Doom: 28640, 27260

To the right of the middle beam in the western wall of the Dralnok's Doom portal room, there is a small angry squirrel. It appears to be shaking its fist and yelling, though it has no animations. The model is the same model as the Arbotus Squirrel uses. It can be difficult to spot as a biped/dragon hatchling. Adult and ancient dragons have the easiest time spotting it as they can fly up to the rafters and go into first person view to examine it closely. Even so, it can hard to spot as it is only about the size of an ancient dragon's eye.

Arbotus Prisoners[edit]

Arbotus Squirrel3.jpg

Anywhere Arbotus Spawn

Whenever you kill an Arbotus, a small squirrel will run out of its mouth and whilst running their way to freedom. You can also see them being flung out of an Arbotus's mouth. Whilst the squirrels themselves aren't exactly easter eggs, no matter how funny it is, their sound track is. Contrary to the harassment people think squirrels are saying, when the squeaking is replayed slowly, this is what it sounds like. "Woohoo, I’m a freeee maaaaan! Yeehaa! I get to pick..nuts and berries and run through the forest like a good little squirrel. I’m gonna have a life now, boy." The squirrel, during the Arbotus' death, can also be seen running across its body from its mouth to freedom.

Crushed Adventurer[edit]

Crushed Adventurer.png

East of the Tower of Magery: 26889, 29143

Nearby the Tower of Magery at the bottom of the hill is a rock pile. Underneath the pile is the skeleton of a poor fool who might've been crushed by a avalanche when exploring the frozen north. You can only see him if you use /dwm (/displaywireframemode) (This can be reversed with /dfm (/displayfilledmode) or you use /setpref developer true then /loadui to find the Shader Edit window, then turn the shaders off for the rocks.)

Filled-in Tomb[edit]

Filled Tomb.png

Eastern Deadlands: 30030, 25008

By one of the cenotaphs, there is a structure that has an opening down into its underground. However, the opening is filled. Using /dwm, you can look down into the structure and see various rooms hidden underground. If you setscale yourself to "0 1 0", you can glitch down into the model as well and explore the underground.

An'Kor Islands[edit]

Ankor islands.png

Southeast of Drakul: 18953, 28065

To the south of Drakul is a new mysterious island chain known as the 'An'Kor Islands'. Nothing is known about this collection of islands other than it is an easter egg and appears to be a reference to the popular story of finding hidden treasure on a dangerous island in the sea, considering it has a large red 'X' (X marks the spot) on its largest island. It is decorated with multiple skeletons of Nyrevin's Apologies and many crates and barrels as well as what appears to be an old camp site with a hammock.

Without exploiting or developer intervention, the island is only able to be reached by air travel. The islands appeared to be added in the Skalkaar Reborn revamp of late 2017.

Name of Islands is an easter egg in itself: if you face North, fly high up, and look down, islands are shaped like a boat anchor, therefore An'Kor (Anchor) Islands.

Mushroom Island[edit]


Southwest of Drakul: 15393, 28290

Another island hidden in the sea, this large island hosts a version of Bristugo's characteristic giant tree as well as a whole host of mushrooms, as the name implies. Under the giant tree is a mushroom hut with a 'Gone Fishin' sign outside. While never confirmed, it is believed that this island is a nod to the original Mushroom Island that was bulldozed two to three years prior to this one's incorporation. The only confirmed information is that it is an easter egg.

Much like the original island, it is only accessible through air travel. The islands were added with the Skalkaar Reborn revamp in late 2017, alongside An'Kor Islands.

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