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Location: Feladan
Rating: 1
School: Tailor
Health: 320
Coordinates: 25285 / 23275
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Esteleora tells you, Welcome, friend! Are you in search of the latest fashions from around Istaria? If you are then I have them! I do indeed! You'll have to make the clothing yourself, of course, for I only sell the patterns.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Esteleora sells:

Item Cost
Beginner Aughundell Textile Wear 6Silver 900Copper 
Beginner Commoner Clothes 2Silver 400Copper 
Beginner Dark Forest Wear 7Silver 500Copper 
Beginner Mahagra Mountain Wear 3Silver 900Copper 
Beginner New Rachival Work Wear 7Silver 500Copper 
Beginner Tazoon Common Wear 5Silver 400Copper 
Journeyman Feladan Fashion Wear 27Silver 
Journeyman Kion Dress Wear 19Silver 500Copper 
Journeyman Kirasanct Weave Wear 37Silver 500Copper