Expanding The Date Farm

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Expanding The Date Farm
Type: Adventure
Amas Hegya 
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Next Quest: The Search for Blasta 

Amas Hegya is looking to expand his date farm, but the Agh'kuk Gatherers that are down the hill from where he currently has his trees are preventing him from doing so. He would like you to clear them out and discourage them from returning by setting off some fireworks in the area.

Quest text[edit]

Amas tells you, Ah, hello <player> and welcome to Hegya's Date Farm! Yes, I'm sure you noticed the lovely trees growing just over there, yes? Well, when our lighthouse was no longer needed as a lighthouse, I had to find something else to do to provide an income for my family, you see. And date trees grow wonderfully in this particular climate! In fact, business has been so good of late that I really can't keep up with the demand.

Amas tells you, I would really like to be able to expand the farm, but there's a problem. You see, just down the hill over there is a wonderful location that I could plant a number of new trees. Should be easy to find, there's a skeleton of some long dead creature there, actually. Which is part of what makes the location so ideal. But this group of sand pygmies, they call themselves of the tribe Agh'kuk, has moved in, you see, and I can't take the time to go down and get rid of them. I actually have some fireworks from last year's festival that I thought about setting off down there to discourage them, but I just haven't been able to leave. It's my daughter, you see. I don't trust her. But that's another matter. I don't suppose you would be interested would you?

Amas tells you, You would? Oh, that would be excellent. I would, of course, reward you! You will probably have to do more than just set off the fireworks, I'm afraid, if they are going to get the hint and leave. But I would be very grateful if you did. Here, take these and go see what you can do to clear the area for me.

You have received 5 Festival Fireworks (large).

That should be enough to scare them off..

If that doesn't discourage these creatures from leaving, nothing will!.

Amas tells you, Did you do it? Were you able to frighten them off enough? Ah, I see that you were. Excellent. Here is your reward as promised. This is my wife's recipe, so I can't promise you that they are very tasty, but they will make you healthy, at least for a short time. I have one more task for you if you are willing, but we can discuss that in a moment. Let me tell my daughter of your success.

You have received 5 Date Bars.

You have received 1 Formula: Blasta Heyga's Date Bar Recipe.


  • Amas needs the area beneath his current date farm cleared of Agh'kuk Gatherers. Head down the hill to the west of his farm and slay twenty (20) of the Agh'kuk Gatherers to discourage them from staying.
  • Amas also suggested that you set off some fireworks in the area to discourage them from returning.
  • Return to Amas and report on your success.

Target mobs[edit]