Expedition Camp

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Expedition Camp
Destination pad: 26983 / 32000
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: 26974 / 32079
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by: Giltekh Framtor
Coordinates: 26983 / 32000
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A small camp on the west end of the Island of Ice.

NPCs and creatures[edit]

NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Dekhail the ScoutScout9226,98532,050
Giltekh FramtorAlchemist10026,99632,043
Vanaleir the SentinelWarrior9526,99532,058

No creatures around.
No named creatures seen here.


Quests started in Expedition Camp[edit]

Attunement to Island of Ice Expedition CampGiltekh Framtor0
(Daily) Artifact HuntVanaleir the Sentinel81
Honoring An Old Friend (Part 2)Giltekh Framtor81
(Daily) Sapphire Hide HuntDekhail the Scout81
(Daily) Carapace HuntDekhail the Scout81
Honoring An Old Friend (Part 3)Giltekh Framtor81
(Daily) Flaming Tongue HuntDekhail the Scout81
Honoring An Old Friend (Part 1)Giltekh Framtor81
Niesa's Draught (Part 4)AlchemistGiltekh Framtor85
Niesa's Draught (Part 3)Giltekh Framtor85
Niesa's Rub (Quest)AlchemistGiltekh Framtor85
Niesa's Draught (Part 1)Giltekh Framtor85
Niesa's Draught (Part 2)Giltekh Framtor85
Niesa's Legacy (Part 7)AlchemistGiltekh Framtor90
Niesa's Fate (Part 1)Giltekh Framtor90
Niesa's Bonds (Part 4)Giltekh Framtor90

Quests which involve Expedition Camp[edit]

No quests found.