Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer

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Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer
With this formula, a skilled spellcrafter is able to craft a techique kit which can be applied to weapons and dragon claws.

Special Note: With this formula scribed in your Formula Book when hunting high level undead, you will have a chance of having an Undead Core drop as extra loot.
Item type: Formula
Slots used:
Products: Weapon Tech Kit: Undead Slayer
Requirements: Spellcraft Greater Than (900)
Bulk: 1
Hoard value: 6250
Sell value:
Attuned: yes
Tier: Tier 5

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No creatures seem to drop it.

Looks like Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer isn't available as a collectable resource.

Looks like noone buys this item.

Looks like noone sells this item.


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Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer does not look like it's required somewhere.