Finagle Biggletorque

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Finagle Biggletorque
Location: Delgarath
Rating: 105
School: Tinkerer
Health: 20
Coordinates: 28517 / 27245
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Finagle tells you, 'Welcome to the far end of Istaria, <player>'

Quests available[edit]

Biggletorque: Chests in the Deep100
Biggletorque: The Archmage Darkstaff100
Biggletorque: The Journal of Falinthris100
Noncas' Lost Sunscope (Part 1)100

Finagle Biggletorque sells:

Item Cost
Advanced Key Mold 3Silver 750Copper 
Basic Key Mold 3Silver 750Copper 
Master Cargo Belt 137Silver 500Copper 
Master Cargo Boots 212Silver 500Copper 
Master Cargo Cap 187Silver 500Copper 
Master Cargo Leggings 262Silver 500Copper 
Master Cargo Sleeves 237Silver 500Copper 
Master Cargo Tunic 287Silver 500Copper 
Master Cargo Wristband 162Silver 500Copper 
Master Dragon Tool Claw 390Silver 625Copper 
Master Invisible Cargo Cap 187Silver 500Copper 
Master Jewelry Repair 500Silver 
Master Leather Weapon Repair 500Silver 
Master Metal Weapon Repair: Axes and Maces 500Silver 
Master Metal Weapon Repair: Swords and Spear 500Silver 
Master Wooden Weapon Repair 500Silver