Fishing Knowledge for Bammas

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Fishing Knowledge for Bammas
Type: Crafting
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Previous Quest: Fishing Pole for Bammas 
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Bammas needs a clue about fishing, and you are the only one who can help him!

Quest text[edit]

Bammas tells you, Fishing is a wondrous thing. It can be calming, frustrating, even exhilarating. And the one thing you will find when you talk to a fisherman, is that they almost always have a story about 'The One That Got Away'. So here is my dilemma: I must be doing something wrong because I don't have that story to tell, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. That's where you come in. I don't want to leave my fishing spot, but I need to find out what other fishermen are doing. There is rumor of a wise fisherman south of Sslanis, another that has retired to a bungalow on the Dalimond pier, and one by the waters of Mahagra. Their feats are legendary; find out what their secret is, will ya?

Jellerin tells you, Ah, you want to know how I catch my fish? Fishing is an art, and the fisherman is the artist. As a result, the fishing technique will vary. My trick? Well, I'm not going to spill the beans on that until you prove yourself. Get me fifty trout, and then we'll talk. Hurry along now. And mind your footsteps on the docks, they scare the fish!

Jellerin tells you, Hm, looks like there is hope for you. Alright, so here's is my secret... Don't tell anyone! I come out to my little bungalow before the sun comes up, and I listen to the water, because it knows what the fish are gossiping about. The water tells me if the fish are biting. When they are, I step to the edge of the dock, and I tell those fish that I'm going to catch them, and they shouldn't put up a fight! And you know what? Those fish line right up and all but jump onto my hook! Don't believe me? Then I shall not tell you another thing. Run along! I can't hear the water, and you're scaring off the fish!

Rakchuk tells you, You seek knowledge? Maybe you are not ready for such things. You think you are wise about fishing. Thinking and knowing are two different things. Go find me fifty units of unspun silk, then we talk. Maybe.

Rakchuk tells you, You actually followed through and brought the silk. Enh, you are the type that won't leave until you get what you want, and I don't have time for the aggravation, so I tell you. Fish are creatures that travel the same trail of life we all do, and deserve as much respect as you can give them. My way of honoring the creature that provides so much for my community? I perform a ceremony for them! You laugh, but just you wait... you will realize that you won't catch half the fish without one. I am not going to tell you my entire ceremony, because copying would be a dishonor; I start by turning three times leftward, and then two times to the right. I think you know as much as you are ready to know. Heavy hooks to you, apprentice.

Xenex tells you, Goodness, you make a lot of noise. I heard you before you even saw me. If you are waving a hand in front of my face, I can't see, so stop; if you aren't, thank you. You want to know how to catch fish? You seem quite talented already. Bammas probably put you up to this, the twit. I'll tell you what you want to know, but I must ask one favor. My eyes fail me. I need some maple logs, and to be honest, I can't do it. Please bring me back fifteen maple logs. I would be very appreciative.

Xenex tells you, You actually brought the logs. Your persistence is impressive. Very well then. Let me tell you something about fisherfolk: they are the most superstitious people around. I heard of tales where they talk to the fish, before they throw out their line. Hogwash, I tell you. I admit, I rub some salt rock on my hands, but that helps my grip on the fishing pole. It comes down to skill, and from the looks of you, you have it. Just need patience. I find fishing relaxing, and time ceases. Just enjoy it, and find what you think works. If you will excuse me, I think I hear fish tails flipping in the water. Have a nice day and good luck!

You have learned all you can from the fishing masters -- return to Bammas and share with him what you have learned..

Bammas tells you, Oh, you missed it! Hee! I almost had THE biggest fish ever! There was a Dwarf down the way that tried to catch it, and the fish yanked his fishing pole out of his hands! Then some silly Elven girl tried to hook it, and she was pulled into the monster's mouth before she could yelp! I dug my heels in, and threw out my line, and I tell you, that bad boy was waiting for me! I tugged him one way, and he dragged me the other; we just stared at each other the whole time. If ever a fish could have evil eyes, this one did... and I could tell the Elf didn't do a thing to abate its hunger. We struggled forever, as near as I can tell, and I had the fish almost to the shore - did you know fish could dig their fins into sand?? This one did. Just as I was reaching for my net, SNAP! My line broke, and the beast was gone with a flip of its tail. Good thing I have extra line. Thanks for the information; I'm living up to my word, and giving you my last bit of knowledge. Put it to good use!

You have received 1 Technique: Craft: Fishing IV.


  • Find the fisherman in Dalimond.
  • Collect fifty Trout and bring them to the fisherman in Dalimond.
  • Find the fisherman south of Sslanis.
  • Collect fifty Unspun Silk and bring them to the fisherman in Sslanis
  • Find the fisherman by the shores of Mahagra.
  • Collect fifteen maple logs and bring them to the fisherman by the shores of Mahagra.
  • Bring the fishing knowledge you have collected back to Bammas.