Fishing Line for Bammas

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Fishing Line for Bammas
Type: Crafting
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Next Quest: Fishing Supplies for Bammas 

Bammas suggested you talk to one of the Gifted who is an outfitter to obtain fishing line for him.

Quest text[edit]

Bammas tells you, Hey look, here's the deal. As a general rule, I like to make sure I have spare fishing line available, in case the line snaps while fighting a big one. Be a dear and go get me five flax fishing lines? In exchange, I'll give you some lessons in how to spice up the old fishing pole. Okay, thanks!

Bammas tells you, You can get fishing line from any one with even beginner level ability as an outfitter. You may even try talking to Grash in Sslanis and see if he has any to spare.

Bammas tells you, Hey great, thanks! Should of seen the size of the one I almost caught the other day. Almost broke my pole! Anyway, here's the basic technique for fishing if you don't already have it -- you should definitely have this one in your knowledge book!

You have received 1 Technique: Craft: Fishing I.


  • Give five flax fishing lines to Bammas. Bammas suggested you talk to one of the Gifted who is an outfitter. Failing that, he suggested you check with Grash in Sslanis who may have some to spare. At the very least he'd have the formula for you to buy.