Fishing Pole for Bammas

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Fishing Pole for Bammas
Type: Crafting
Located at:
Required school:
Required race:
Required level:
Required item:
Previous Quest: Fishing Supplies for Bammas 
Next Quest: Fishing Knowledge for Bammas 

Bammas needs a fishing pole.

Quest text[edit]

Bammas tells you, I think I need a new fishing pole... the one I have right now isn't working out. I can make them myself, but I don't want to leave here; the fish might start biting. If you bring me an oak fishing pole, I'll give you a technique that you can use on fishing poles when you make them.

Bammas tells you, Thanks a bunch, this should do the trick! As promised, here's that technique I promised you, if you don't already have it. Good fishing to you -- hope you have better luck than I have been having today.

You have received 1 Technique: Craft: Fishing III.