Forest of Troubles (Part 3)

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Forest of Troubles (Part 3)
Type: Crafting
Andorr the Lumberjack 
Located at:
Eastern Outpost 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Forest of Troubles (Part 2) 
Next Quest:  

Lumberjacking on the Frontier is no easy proposition, but Andorr is hardy and determined. There's money to be made out here, the danger is just part of the challenge. You helped him by chasing the Forest Oastics away from the trees and by collecting Ironwood Limbs from the Enraged Treants to create new shafts for his axes.

Quest text[edit]

Andorr tells you, Hullo there, <player>, do you have a minute to spare for an old man? These new Ironwood Shafts are working out well for me, are they for you? I noticed that you are a Blacksmith. Perhaps you would like to learn how to make them for yourself?

Andorr tells you, Yes? Very good, it is the least I could do for you after all of the help you've given me. It really is a simple matter to make these. Go collect four Ironwood Limbs (x4) for me as well as four Shining Essence Orbs. Return to me when you have them.

Andorr tells you, Very good, these will do nicely. Give me a moment and I will show you how to do it.

Andorr tells you, Now, <player>, you simply cut the limbs like so and then apply the Orbs to give the already hardened wood a magical hardness as well. And here you are, voila!

You have received 1 Expert Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft.

You have received 1 Weapon Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft.


You do not need to create them on your own.
  • Return to Andorr with the Shinning Essence Orbs and Ironwood Limbs
  • Talk to Andorr

Target mobs[edit]