Gangaf Tagley

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Gangaf Tagley
Location: Dalimond
Rating: 125
School: Tinkerer
Health: 20
Coordinates: 22740 / 22803
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Gangaf tells you, Oh, hello there, Tinkerer! I didn't see you come in. I was working on my latest invention. Have you ever seen anything so amazing?

Gangaf Tagley is a Tinkerer trainer. He sells Beginner formulas.

Quests available[edit]

Noncas' Lost Sunscope (Part 2)0
The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard (Gangaf)0
Prove Gangaf Is Innocent100

Gangaf Tagley sells:

Item Cost
Basic Key Pattern 100Copper 
Beginner Cargo Belt 2Silver 200Copper 
Beginner Cargo Boots 3Silver 400Copper 
Beginner Cargo Cap 3Silver 
Beginner Cargo Leggings 4Silver 200Copper 
Beginner Cargo Sleeves 3Silver 800Copper 
Beginner Cargo Tunic 4Silver 600Copper 
Beginner Cargo Wristband 2Silver 600Copper 
Beginner Egg Fabricator 3Silver 
Beginner Glass Nodule Fabricator 1Silver 
Beginner Kenaf Fabricator 5Silver 
Beginner Key 3Silver 
Beginner Metal Bar 1Silver 
Beginner Metal Gears 1Silver 
Beginner Metal Hinges 3Silver 
Beginner Metal Springs 2Silver 
Beginner Metal Struts 4Silver 
Beginner Milk Fabricator 1Silver 
Beginner Standard Cargo Disk 2Silver 800Copper 
Beginner Tinkering Spanner 3Silver