Gathering Fish Across Istaria

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Gathering Fish Across Istaria
Type: Crafting
Located at:
New Brommel 
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In order to earn masks and headscales for this year's Spring Festival, you must travel across Istaria collecting special Spring Bass.

Quest text[edit]

Torailean tells you, I can't believe it. Really I can't. I'm shocked and a bit disappointed. Aren't you??

Torailean tells you, About what? About our festival, of course. So many months, years really, planning, and suddenly everyone pulls out and leaves to fight the Aegis. I mean, I do understand. There's an invasion going on near the Eastern Outpost, and that is serious. And the lost expedition up on the Island of Ice is also important to investigate. But even the non-Gifted have taken to their homes rather than come to our festival. We couldn't even hire anyone to help with finish with the setup.

Torailean tells you, But you are here, of course. And I'm sure you are willing to help, yes? So what if I send you around Istaria to gather fish for me? Not just any fish, either, but some special ones which seem to spawn only in the spring time and in warmer climates. And by spawn, I mean make little baby fish. There's this special bass that only seem to come up from the depths of certain lakes and ponds in Istaria at this time of year.

Torailean tells you, I can provide you with a list of the various ponds they appear in, and will need you to gather fish from each of them. I want to study them carefully so that perhaps next year I can set up my own pond of them here on New Brommel. Do this for me, and I'll give you the mask and headscales that will be all the fashion at next year's celebration.

Ten fish from each of the 5 locations should do. First I'll send you to Pratt's Pond on New Trismus. Each of the other locations is listed.

You have found Pratt's Pond. Now all you have to do is catch some of the fish..

The Lake of Crystal Tears is what they call this place. Perhaps you should return later and discover why, but for now you need to get your fish and move on..

King's Lake, the name makes sense as this is so close to King's Cross. Hopefully they are all this easy to find..

You have found the Pond of Izzon. Now to gather fish from it..

Torailean tells you, You have returned! Excellent. I am sorry to have sent you on such a wide ranging project, but I truly needed fish from each of those locations if I am going to set up the proper pond next spring. Now, may I have the fish?

Torailean tells you, What? You mixed them up? How am I supposed to know which came from which pond? Eh, well, no matter. It is my fault, as I did not ask that you keep them separate I will simply have to determine what characteristics they have in common. I thank you for your service and here is your reward for a job well done.

You have received 1 Cat of Cheshire Mask.

You have received 1 White Rabbit Mask.

You have received 1 Cat of Cheshire Head Scale.

You have received 1 White Rabbit Head Scale.

You have received 1 Butterfly Head Scale.


  • Speak with Torailean as to why he feels there is such a disaster happening.
  • First you've been asked to travel to New Trismus and seek out the Spring Bass within Pratt's Pond.
    Triggers at 45821/14228 (map). The correct School of Spring Bass is found at 45859/14205 (map).
  • Gather Special Spring Bass from Pratt's Pond.
  • Next you've been sent to Lesser Aradoth to the Lake of Crystal Tears. The more easterly of the lakes appears to be the one Torilean is suggesting you try first.
    Triggers at 20560/22876 (map). The correct School of Spring Bass is found at 20462/22897 (map).
  • Having found the Lake of Crystal Tears, gather 10 Special Spring Bass from this location as well. Be careful to not confuse the Spring Bass with other fish which might also make their home in this lake.
  • You've now been sent to the large island of Genevia. There's a small settlement on Genevia named Pajalsti, and near

it is a small lake, or maybe it is a large pond. In any case, that's your next destination.

  • Triggers at 15615/14312 (map). The correct School of Spring Bass is found at 15603/14285 (map).
  • With your success at finding this pond (and it really is more of a pond), you must now gather the fish.
  • Now you are being sent to the Dalimond Peninsula, and so must take more care as you travel. There you will find King's Lake near the community of King's Cross.
    Triggers at 22818/21983 (map). The correct School of Spring Bass is found at 22827/21914 (map).
  • At this point the routine is pretty clear. Gather the 10 Special Spring Bass and you can then move on to the final location.
  • Your final destination is also on the Dalimond Peninsula. Near the settlement of Izzon's Crest is the Pond of Izzon. Travel to there and seek out your final batch of fish.
    Triggers at 22818/21983 (map). The correct School of Spring Bass is found at 22827/21914 (map).
  • Gather your last 10 fish from the Pond of Izzon and return to Torailean.
    Triggers at 23951/19819 (map). The correct School of Spring Bass is found at 23956/19834 (map).
  • Having gathered your fish, you must now haul them all back to Torailean. Be sure to have all 50 with you in your inventory because you just know he is going to ask for them.